Coolest Hotels in the World

Staying at a hotel always has something special, right? It is important to know that everything is done for you: cleaning, room service, concierge … the list goes on.

However, it is also true that certain hotels stand out from the rest. From 5-star restaurants to special rooms to expensive spas, luxurious and attractive hotels are on the side of your trip.

In this post, we will discuss the 4 coolest hotels in the world. You should refuse to issue your credit card to book a vacation after reading this article!

1.21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, KY

21c Museum Hotel is, as you might have guessed, both art museums and hotels. There are museum hotels like this throughout the country, but the one in Louisville is our favorite. It was also the first in the chain to make it, so to say, a matriarch.

It goes without saying that the 21c Museum Hotel offers some of the best hotel artwork you have ever seen. The museum offers everything from contemporary works to multicultural art series to sculpture and video.

The hotel museum page will also not be ridiculed. He has won many awards, including Hotel No. 1 south of Condé Nast Traveler in 2019.

The rooms themselves are modeled on high quality condos and apartments, the main theme is clean minimalism. Some rooms have additional features such as exposed brick, specially made furniture and high-quality toiletries.

All rooms also have Nespresso machines, WiFi, plasma TVs and, of course, original and unique artwork in each room. After all, this is a museum hotel!

  1. Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Manta Resort is located on a beautiful tropical island in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The whole resort is beautiful and surrounded by turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, tropical attractions like sailing and snorkeling and much more.

The reason why this extraordinary and luxurious resort is on the list of the coolest hotels in the world is because of its special underwater space. This 3-storey cottage is also known as a floating hotel and is literally a floating room in the middle of the sea.

The room itself was completely submerged. It is also surrounded by windows all around so you can fully immerse yourself in the tropical sea. You will fall asleep, surrounded by coral, fish, dolphins and even some sharks.

If you love the sea and want a unique and unique experience, you should book an underwater room at Manta Resort!

  1. A tree house in Harads, Sweden

On our way from sea to air we have Treehotel in Harads, Sweden. This unique hotel has a number of different tree houses scattered in the quiet and beautiful Harads forest.

Each “room” has a different shape. One looks like a descending UFO, the other is like a bird’s nest, and the other serves to disguise and reflect light to be fully integrated into the natural environment.

From your room in the trees, you will become one with nature. You can experience the animal world up close, the northern lights illuminating the sky and more. Take a walk in the forest, fish in a nearby lake, find wild berries and more with this truly cool and unique experience.

  1. Kelebek Cave Hotel in Goreme, Turkey

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the volcano known as Mount Erciyes covered the Goreme area with a lot of ash.

This creates a large formation called “fairy chimney”. This ash tower mixed with water and other debris looks like something from Dr. Sweet and has been used as a shelter by people for centuries. The caves inside have become chapels, houses, places of worship and are now cave hotels.

Kelebek Cave Hotel has 36 rooms carved directly into the ash chimney. Rustic and natural walls are arranged with luxurious king beds, fireplaces, balconies and terraces.

From the terrace you can enjoy beautiful Turkish sunsets, slow hot air balloons and delicious Turkish coffee.

There are also Turkish baths, restaurants, bars and excursions nearby.

The coolest hotel in the world: where do you live?

Have you refused to issue a card and book a room at one of the coolest hotels in the world? If you have done an article search, support it. If not … we will not blame you!

Which sounds the best and most interesting to you? Let us know with comments!

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